Everything about our events and reasons for participation.


Our company is specialized in promotion of international real estate on the Russian and CIS markets for more than 7 years.

Our main core of business is event management.

For the moment we are organizing 2 exhibitions: Moscow Overseas Property Show, taking place on 1-2 March 2017, in Moscow, Russia and Baku Overseas Property Expo, taking place on 28-29 April 2017 in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Format of the events

The main advantage of our exhibitions is their format: this is private 2 days events, taking place in 5* hotels, located in the centre of Moscow or Baku.

First day – is Workshop, during which the exhibitors have opportunity to meet the real estate professionals of the local market, discuss the potential partnership and sign the cooperation agreements. At the first day of the even the round table is taking place, during which exhibitors are discussing aspects and peculiarities of the local real estate market with the representatives of the leading local real estate agencies. In addition, there will be pull of educative seminars, during which exhibitors will have chance to learn specifics of working with local clients and highlighted the best means for marketing and promotion of foreign real estate.

Second day – is time for meeting with clients and investors. During the 2nd day participants will have opportunity to conduct presentation of their company, its services and products for the audience of direct property buyers and investors. The business programm is broadcasted online, so that all exhibitors will be able to to present their companies not only to the live audience but also to all the interested clients who will not be able to present.

One of the key features of our expos is preliminary scheduled meetings with potential partners, investors and clients.That gives our exhibitors opportunity to use their time during the exhibition in more efficient way, i.e. you will be able to schedule the time of your work during the expo and know beforehand, with whom and when you are meeting.

Target audience of buyers, investors and partners

The main point, which we, as organizers, are paying attention – is attraction of target audience. in other words, attendees of our exhibitions are local real estate agents, which are interested in cooperation with foreign real estate companies, clients and investors, who have interest and means for buying overseas real estate.

For attracting the taget audience we use:

- database of our company, which has been collected for more than 7 years of active work, our database consists of 9000 contacts of potential investors and clients, more than 12000 contacts of real estate agents in Russia and CIS;

- database of HomesOverseas.ru, one of the leading portals on overseas real estate topic in Russian speaking internet, portal has 100 000 unique visitors per month; database of HomesOverseas.ru counts more than 13 000 contacts of property buyers and investors, and more than 4 500 overseas real estate professionals;

- contacts of our partners in the framework of each event, attracts on our events, top management of the biggest companies;

- In Moscow:

Database of VIP members of Golf Clubs - more than 250 contacts

Database of clientrs of cigar clubs, yacht clubs, premium class car showrooms, private business clubs - more than 40 000 contacts;

- In Baku:

Database of VIP clients of Private Banking - more than 200 contacts

Database of clients of premium segment products - more than 30 000 contacts

Main tolls for attraction of the audience:

- SMS blasts, email blasts;

- Private meetings, Phone calls;

- Delivering print invitations and their spreading in the places of gathering of the wealthy audience.

In addition to the mentioned above, we are actively using advertising opportunities of search engines, social media and specialized online and printed media.

Current state of foreign real estate market in Russia

According to the statistics of search engine Yandex and portal HomesOverseas.ru, number of requests related to aquisition of overseas real estate, has significantly raised by the end of 2016 in comparison with the beginning of the year. For example, the number of request "real estate abroad" in search engine Yandex, in the beginning of 2016 was less than 3000 per month, and by the end of the year, this number has raised up to 5500 requests per month.

Traffic of HomesOverseas.ru is also whitnessing the mentioned trend, portal had 90 000 unique visitors per month in the beginning of the year, by the end of the year number of visitors raised up to 115 000.

It worth mentioning that quality of leads has also improved, in other words, visitors are looking for concrete real estate items, rather than general information, taking this into account, one can say that the real demand is raising.

We can see that oil prices are going up again for pretty long time period, this improves national currency in Russia.

We can assume that this tendency will continue in the next year, what undoubtfully will play for recovery of the demand on foreign real estate within the russian buyers.

Current state of foreign real estate market in Azerbaijan

Buying overseas properties is pretty new topic for the population of the Azerbaijan, since mainly, people where investing their means in local real estate and where saving them through deposit accounts in local banks.

At the end of 2015 and beginning of 2016 years, the national currency has collapsed, and the banking sector of the country is experiencingrecession now.

State is securing deposits in foreign currency only below the 3% annual interest . Due to financial statistics, only during 2016, the volume of deposits taken from the banks equals to 10 Billion USD. Wealthy part of countries population is actively looking for alternative ways of investment and securing their means, consequently, buying real estate abroad country has become very popular trend.

Main popular products for investing in foreign real estate are: projects in popular tourist directions with high incomes, projects with guaranteed rental income, projects in western countries with stable economy.

Main reasons for aquiring foreign residential real estate are: Second home; residencе permit, citizenship, golden visa; vacation home; student property; emigration.