Nino Maghradze, Tbilisi City Hall (GEOREX Tbilisi 2018)

A wonderful conference and gathering for sector related people, the ability to meet and network with company representatives was excellent and the conference was well organized. As Tbilisi City Hall Representative, every topic discussed hits my desk daily so for me the conference was extremely informative.

Aleksandra Erlanger, editor in chief, Offshore Wealth (GEOREX BATUMI, GEOREX TBILISI 2018 )

I really liked the developers and real estate consultants at the GEOREX conferences in Batumi and Tbilisi. I am not a developer and don’t work directly with real estate, but we are working with non-resident banking and on optimizing the tax residence of our clients, we are constantly faced with the need to open foreign accounts to buy or maintain real estate abroad to our clients. In addition, we regularly encounter the need to search for real estate professionals and reliable developers when our clients are going to move abroad or to issue a tax residency (residence permit / permanent residence). In many cases, resident status is difficult or not possible to obtain quickly without real estate investments or long-term lease of real estate of a certain class. That is why for three years we have been periodically publishing information about the opportunity to invest in overseas property.

Georgia is one of the top directions of the portal in 2018. We really have a lot of orders for opening bank accounts and registering companies in Georgia. And we are very interested, including through samples of new developments and modern real estate in Georgia, to show our readers the possibilities for investment and lifestyle-relocation to Georgia.

During GEOREX Batumi, first of all, I liked the discussions during the Round table. The conversation was moderated by a specialist who knew about the purchase and sale of foreign real estate both from side of local developers and from the position of owners of foreign agencies for the sale of foreign real estate, and knew the experts, whose answers were interesting to hear in the majority. I liked the fact, that the organizer proactively offered to get more detailed answers to the questions during the conference. For me personally, the conference in Batumi ended with a spontaneous excursion to Gonio (the border with Turkey) to inspect the hotel’s development next to which there were already 4 working hotels full of tourists. And after a whole day of the conference - a beautiful sunset and delicious khinkali with cilantro from developers who invited us with wine, which the developer also produces!

Concerning delegatesm they are cordial, ready to communicate and cooperate. After the conference, there are already follow ups and we are already signing agreements. Articles about some buildings and land in Georgia are already in the process of writing. According to observations from GEOREX conferences, many winemakers in Georgia are becoming developers, too, but their primary business is winemaking, which affects their cordiality to potential partners. Even more cordial than the famous Georgian one!

During GEOREX Tbilisi, there were such great offers from developers that interested me personally as an individual investor, although this was not part of the original plans.

Teona Gogoberishvili, Binadari, (GEOREX Tbilisi 2018)

As for the real estate exhibition "GEOREX 2018", we were pleased to participate in and were able to meet with a delegate of foreign countries, construction, development company representatives or real estate companies. We also had the opportunity to conduct a presentation and to familiarize ourselves with the current and future projects of our company for a wide audience. GEOREX - 2018 was very interesting because we have established new and important contacts and we hope that this exhibition will be fruitful for our company in the future.

Thanks to the organizer company Global Promotion Group for the opportunity to participate in this exhibition and we’ll hope the further cooperations.

Nina Volkova, NV-Company, (GEOREX Batumi, GEOREX Tbilisi 2018 )

Company NV-Company have been participating in GPG exhibitions for several years. The exhibitions turned into a serious platform for the exchange of experience, the search for new partners, meetings with customers.

Georgia is a new market for NV-COMPANY. Taking part in exhibitions in Batumi and Tbilisi, we got an opportunity to get acquainted with development projects, which we are ready to bring to the Russian market. The scale of the construction and the offer correspond to the needs of our customers.

Several partner agreements have been concluded based on the results of the exhibitions, and we are working on client requests for Italy and the Czech Republic.

Natalia Kochetkova, ARGO COSTA, (GEOREX Tbilisi)

Thank you very much for the invitation to the exhibition, the organization was made at a high level. We got acquainted with new interesting projects, we are very glad that Georgia is entering a new European level of development. All the presented projects were very interesting and informative.  We will take part in the following projects with pleasure.

Alexander Elizarov, Park Invest

I want to thank you for the exhibition in Moscow. It was, I was even surprised, really very interesting and useful. I got many acquaintances. Event was very well organized, and business program was excellent.

Nina Lukyanenko, ORBI GROUP

ORBI GROUP is an investment attractive real estate located in the resort zones of Georgia, with the possibility of receiving high incomes.

ORBI GROUP participated in the Global Promotion Group exhibition for the first time. We would like to notice the high activity and interest of visitors who found new opportunities in Georgia thanks to the organizers. All visitors showed great interest, which was useful for both buyers and our company.

Kate Parshina, Sales Executive, Luštica Development A.D.

Thank you for your support and excellent organization. Special thanks for the photo and video materials, and for detailed lists of visitors of the event. 

I hope that our cooperation will continue.

Natalia German, BEST-Nedvizhimost (MOPS 2018, BOPE 2018, KIPS 2018)

BEST-Nedvizhimost / "Office on Petrovka" / participated in three private real estate exhibitions this year: Moscow Oveseas Property Show, Baku Overseas Property Expo and Kyiv International Property Show organized by Global Promotion Group.

First of all we want to thank the whole team for the professional organization of all the exhibitions: this is an excellent opportunity for foreign companies to discover new markets, new partners and direct customers - and to start effectively the work.

For two days of the exhibition in Moscow the exhibition was visited by more than 170 partners and customers. The same statistics is for each city (Baku, Kyiv).

And even if your company could not physically communicate with all, the organizers will take care of it and provide you the database of Clients / Partners which are interested in cooperation or work.

Any exhibition is just the beginning of the work and the opportunity for success, but not the success itself. As in any other business, everything else is an initiative and a pro-active position in life and business.

If your company wants to use all that gives such significant market events, with such an experienced and open team as GPG,you will become successful even in new markets for you.

It is also an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with beautiful cities in a short time (Baku, Moscow, Kyiv, and etc.), their history, unforgettable atmosphere and people - professionals of their business: experts, real estate market analysts, builders, business owners and etc.

Valentina Makeeva, ConPro (MOPS 2018)

I would like to thank the company Global Promotion Group for the wonderful organization of events - it is professional, well-orginized and diverse.

The format of the events allows exhibitors to meet with professionals and clients in a short time.

Seminars and round tables help to analyze the current situation in foreign real estate, both for clients and investors.

We are always glad to cooperate with the team of Global Promotion Group.

Nina Volkova, NV-Company (MOPS 2018, BOPE 2018)

NV-Company would like to thank Global Promotion Group for the opportunity to participate in their exhibitions.

We participated in 2 exhibitions in Moscow and Baku and will participate in Almaty distantly.

The Moscow exhibition confirmed the main trends of the market, there was an interesting business program, an excellent platform for interaction with clients and an exchange of views with colleagues.

Azerbaijan is a new market for our company. The exhibition in Baku opened a new perspective direction of our activity. Meetings with the Baku developers were very useful. We found points of interaction with local realtors. I hope that the reached agreements will have a concrete result.

Special thanks to GPG employees for their sensitivity to exhibitors and assistance in all matters.

Vyacheslav Tsmokun, Edge Capital (KIPS 2017)

Edge Capital has participated in the Kiev International Property Show 2017.

We would like to thank GPG for a good organization of the event, especially for beautiful venue and comfortable atmosphere.

The first day of the event can be treated as a very successful. The round table with local professionals was informative and efficient.

There were a lot of real estate professionals who intended to establish new connections with international colleagues. They were surprisingly open and willing to share their experience and expertise.

The second day was not so impressive due to moderate number of clients. Perhaps, this could be justified by the current situation on the Ukrainian market.

Despite there were less clients than we had expected, we provide GPG with the overall positive feedback about KIPS 2017 and hope to take part in the future events.

Boris Seagull, Seagull Resort (BOPE 2017)

Thanks to the organizers, received a lot of useful information from the conference participants and many useful acquaintances.

Elena Polkhovskaya, Erta Real Estate ( KIPS 2017)

Everything was good and chamber. The first exhibition was a success.

Tatyana Romanenko, Northern Land Cyprus (KIPS 2017)

A lot of interesting people and ideas.

Sky Inn (BOPE 2017)

In Baku the organization was high, service and attention was also at a good level. Staff had the team approach.

Dom-Info Group (KIPS 2017)

Thanks a lot to KIPS 2017 for the opportunity to participate in such a high-level spesialized event! See you next time!

Darya Melnikova, Sveti Development (KIPS 2017)

High level of preparation of organization, selection of the target audience, raising issues of the general idea of promotion.

Vasco Manaças, Managing Director, Central Lisbon

Just to say thank you, for the excellent organization, and the support you could provide to us.

We are now looking forward for the next couple of months, to assess the results and potential success for our companies, arising from this event.

Please keep us posted for the next round.

Erik Rosenfeld, Director, Dragon Will Property

Thank you for the excellent organization of the Baku Overseas Property Expo. In my opinion, this is the optimal format for communication between companies and investors. We will be happy to take part in the autumn events.

Kate Parshina, Sales Executive, Luštica Development A.D.

Thank you very much, we liked everything very much and we will definitely consider participation in your events. It will be very interesting to learn about your spring exhibitions next year.

Elena Kosimtseva, Engel & Volkers Costa Blanca

Engel & Volkers Costa Blanca expresses gratitude to the team of the organizers of the exhibition for their attentive attitude and efficiency in solving organizational issues. It is still difficult to assess the economic effectiveness of our participation, but during the time of the exhibition we have acquired new contacts with which we are already working hard. I liked the format of the exhibition - B2B and B2C. We hope for the opportunity to participate in similar events in the future.

Vjatseslav Tsmokun, Partner, Edge Capital, Estonia

Edge Capital participated in Baku Overseas Property Expo 2017 held at Hilton, Baku, at the end of April 2017.

Our company wants to thank Global Promotion Group for a good organization of the event.

We consider the marketing of the event to be on the high level which resulted in a considerable number of interesting exhibitors, real estate professionals and investors.

Our company has obtained new useful contacts with the market professionals and investors. The most important that we have had a chance to conduct preliminary face to face negotiations.

We hope we would leverage this opportunity and develop our business further.

Edge Capital is going to cooperate with Global Promotion Group further and participate in future events.

Nana Kassa, Orby Group, Georgia:

"... I want to note the excellent organization of the event. Workshops were held at a high level and attracted a broad range of real estate market leaders from different countries, which made it possible to discuss the potential and existing problems of the real estate market, as well as to learn about the latest trends and developments ... "

DC Page, Lennar International, USA – the sponsor of IV MOPW:

"... I feel that the event went very well, not only because we were able to make important contacts, but also because we learned a lot about the Russian market ..."

Marina Kryukova, MKR Real-Consulting, Austria:

"... Let me express my gratitude to the organizers of the exhibition for the excellent organization of the event. The format of the exhibition and its organizational structure are chosen well and in a timely manner ... "

George Pavlidis, Crete Properties Developers, Greece:

"... We have repeatedly participated and would like to thank the organizers for the high standard of the event. Despite the fact that the market in Russia and Greece is experiencing great difficulties, we were surprised by the number of agents and customers that we met "

Svetlana Gerasimchik, Bastide Immobilier, France:

"The event was held at a high professional and technical level, in a comfortable environment and target audience of colleagues, that allowed to work safely, efficiently and without stress."

Demi Pashaolu, Dom na Kipre/Henry Charles Estates, N. Cyprus:

"We express our deep appreciation for the organization and the opportunity to expand our network of Russian agents. The exhibition was organized professionally in every respect, which allowed to introduce our company to a broad target audience. "

George Pavlidis, Crete Properties Developers, Greece:

"We would like to thank the organizers for the opportunity they have created. Within 2 days of the event, we met many Russian agents and have already signed a cooperation agreement. I strongly recommend this event to the colleagues, and our company will be glad to once again take part in this event in the nearest future. "

Margarita Mikhailenko, DomaRe, Italy:

«DomaRe Group would like to thank the organizers for the perfect organization, for the creation of business environment and the opportunities. Our company has acquired partners and interesting acquaintances. This is a great investment in the future for foreign real estate companies! "

Albert Kasperchik, Extra Sales ConsulSng Limited, Ireland:

"All conditions for successful meetings and presentations both on a professional and on a friendly level were created for the participants. We can say with confidence that the event was a success for us. After just two weeks, we have already begun close cooperation with new partners. "

Konstantin Belyakov, Project Manager, Grupo Ares, Italy:

On behalf of Gruppo Ares SpA, my supervisor Mr. Scirrhus and my colleagues Ms. Bernardini and Mr. Muziu, who conducted the presentation of our products on December 8 at Lotte Hotel Moscow, I would like to thank you personally and your colleagues in the Global Promotion Group for the excellent organization of this event, for your punctuality, responsiveness and readiness to promptly react to our requests.

We are fully satisfied with the quality of work carried out by you, and we are confident that in the future we will have an opportunity for further effective cooperation.

I ask you to convey special thanks to Mr. Rymov of Homes Overseas, which has made our meeting possible.

Good luck!

Maurizio Cimatti, Chief Excecutive Officer, Agedi Rossiya

I can say that our cooperation with GPG has been overall positive, and we still have plan to arrange additional events. 

Julia Grinchenko, Galleon Real Estate, Moscow:

"... I express my gratitude for the excellent organization and the timely notification of the event. Despite the crisis, the exhibition continues to work, and for those who are very active in this period, there is a chance to implement their plans and to lay the foundation for success in the future ... "

Tatiana Gorbunova, Doctor Dali, Spain:

"... For the first time I visited the exhibition in 2015. My goal was simple - to evaluate the level of the event and make a decision on further participation in such exhibitions. Here is my conclusion: it is a very useful event, held at a high organizational level. The workshops were very interesting, informative and useful. Many thanks to the organizers! .. "

Valeri Pleshivtsev, "Vasha Tsel", Russia:

"... I want to thank you for the invitation to the exhibition. The event was very well organized. A lot of useful information, all presentations and workshops were held at a high level ... "